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Our Mission At Avanti Control Systems [ACS]

We are dedicated to providing strategic solutions for all our customers, allowing them to achieve maximum efficiency in minimum time. Our projects are engineered to be maintained and upgraded by the end user. We are a proactive company providing cost effective solutions for our clients.

Company Profile

ACS Avanti Control Systems engineers are backed with 30+ years combined experience. ACS Avanti Control Systems personnel are required to attend a minimum of 4 training/university classes per year to provide our clients the latest technologies available.

Our Staff

Timothy T. Tesiero
President - Project Engineer

Mr. Tesiero has more than 15 years of professional engineering experience in the areas of process control design, Industrial machinery control design, control panel fabrication, and commissioning for both industrial machinery and Industrial and wastewater projects. His experience includes water; wastewater and industrial process control; material handling; pumping systems; conveyance; AC and DC variable speed drive systems; and production automation systems implementation of control systems using programmable controllers and SCADA networked computers. He is currently responsible for completing contract documents, reviewing schedule and cost of ongoing projects, and technical overview of projects.

As a professional controls engineer he has hands on knowledge of Allen Bradley and Siemens PLC systems and their respective programming software. He also develops graphics using Rockwell Automations Factory Talk View ME & SE HMI Software Packages, GE Proficiency and Automation Direct.

Mr. Tesiero is also well versed in a variety of Management Execution systems use for data collection, custom reporting, recipe management, downtime recording and inventory tracking. With his experience he has used a wide range of networking and communication protocols such as Ethernet IP, Modbus, Profibus, Device Net, Foundation Fieldbus and Control Net and many more. Mr. Tesiero’s design concept includes preliminary design and sequence developments as well as QA/QC throughout the project life cycle and start-up. He provides supervision and direction to the project team, and also assumes budgetary responsibilities. He participates in selecting project teams, performs detailed checking of completed work.  Mr. Tesiero maintains close relationship with clients from proposal to completion phase to confirm contract conformance, and client expectations, and is also responsible for maintaining client contact following project completion. With his hands on background Mr. Tesiero knows the questions to ask a client to ensure the client understands all the options and available functionality. He can work with the client to make certain the system provided not only meets the immediate needs of the client but provides room for future growth.

Matthew R. Cook
Applications Engineer - IT Services

Associates degree in Information Systems Technology from ITT Technical Institute of Albany. Completed Cisco Networking Academy. 10+ years overall experience in a computer environment. 5+ years experience diagnosing and repairing computer hardware and software issues. Software Experience: Windows Operating platforms including Server 2003, 2008 & 2011, Microsoft Exchange Server, Macromedia Flash, Adobe, MS Access, Microsoft Office.
Certifications: MCP, A+, Net+, MCDST

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